Best Cards Against Humanity Shirts

Cards Against Humanity has become a world-renowned card game, with nearly everyone recognizing it. For over ten years, it has kept growing, with new expansion packs coming out continuously to keep the fun going. Therefore, it only makes sense that people want to wear Cards Against Humanity on a shirt.

It can be challenging to find Cards Against Humanity shirts since the company does not sell shirts. All of the Cards Against Humanity shirts out there are made by individual people. Here is a list of some of the best Cards Against Humanity shirts out there.

Overall Best Cards Against Humanity Shirt Up Front

The party-themed Cards Against Humanity shirts are the most fun to wear, whether it is for a wedding party or birthday party. You can find these group shirts on Etsy. You can also customize them since you work with the designer when purchasing.

Reasons to Get a Cards Against Humanity Shirt

For a Gift

Do you have a friend or family member that loves playing Cards Against Humanity? A shirt with a card from the game that relates to them may be the perfect gift. Whether it is for a birthday, Christmas, an anniversary, or to show your love for them.

For a Special Event

Cards Against Humanity shirts


Getting coordinating Cards Against Humanity shirts for you and a group of friends or family can be a fun addition to any celebration. There are themed shirts out there where one person wears the “black card” shirt, and everyone else wears the “white card” shirt—giving everyone around you the chance to play a hand.

For Your Significant Other

Another fun way to wear a Cards Against Humanity shirt is with your significant other. You can choose any two cards from the deck. One person wears the question or fill-in-the-blank shirt, and the other wears the answer. These shirts can be consistent with a quirk in your relationship or be about something you enjoy together.

You’re an Avid Fan

I think loving Cards Against Humanity is reason enough to sport a shirt dedicated to the game. There are so many cards in the deck that pertain to just about anybody’s life. You could also choose a shirt with certain cards on it simply because you think they’re funny.

Key Features of Cards Against Humanity Shirts

Good Materials

T-shirts generally come in the same cotton material. However, you may notice that some T-shirts seem softer, a little thicker, and more durable. The higher quality is due to the cotton being mixed with other materials, such as polyester or rayon.

Colors Matching Cards Against Humanity

Matching the game’s colors can be significant to send the idea home. The basic black and white cards are a staple of Cards Against Humanity that everyone can recognize when mixed with the question and response phrases. You could also get it in whatever color you like because it is your shirt, after all.

Made by Reputable Companies

Finding a quality T-shirt can be surprisingly tricky, and you don’t want to end up with some cheap T-shirt that is flimsy, see-through, and scratchy. Therefore purchasing your individually designed shirt should be through a company known for making good shirts, like RedBubble, TeePublic, or Spreadshirt.

Types of Cards Against Humanity Shirts

Cards Against Humanity shirts

There is an endless possibility with Cards Against Humanity Shirts. You could make a shirt out of every card in the deck if you wanted to, plus make some up. In the list below are some of the different shirts you could purchase or make related to Cards Against Humanity.

Themed Cards Against Humanity Shirts

One of the best ways to wear a Cards Against Humanity shirt is in a group for an event. These events could be a birthday, bachelorette, or bachelor party. Any event where you think your friends would wear coordinating shirts with you is a good event for a Cards Against Humanity-themed shirt.

Puns Against Humanity Shirts

There are so many things that you could say are conspiring against Humanity. Therefore making a pun out of the fun name Cards Against Humanity is pretty straightforward. The game is also so popular now that most people will easily recognize the pun on your shirt.

Shirts with Popular Cards

Some of the most common Cards Against Humanity shirts are simply ones with popular cards. These cards could be just one card printed on a shirt or matching cards that create a funny line. The ones already made out there are probably ones you will recognize from Cards Against Humanity.

DIY Cards Against Humanity Shirts

There are endless possibilities for making your Cards Against Humanity shirt. You could make a shirt for every single card in Cards Against Humanity plus made-up ones if you wanted to. You could also make more custom shirts like couples shirts and hobby-based shirts.

Best Cards Against Humanity Shirts

With so many places to create and purchase Cards Against Humanity shirts, it can be challenging to sort through them. Below is a list of t

Bachelorette Party Themed

Bachelorette Party Themed

One of the best ways to wear Cards Against Humanity shirts is for bachelorette parties. The bride wears the “black card” shirt that asks a question or has a blank to fill in. All bridesmaids then wear the “white card” shirts that answer the question or fill in the blank.

The best place to find these shirts are on Etsy. There are quite a few unique varieties of bachelorette-themed shirts on Etsy. In most of the types, the bride’s shirt says something like, “This bachelor party was brought to you by _______.” The bridesmaids all wear shirts that fill in this blank with phrases like “tacos & tequila” or “My sugar daddy.”

Bachelor Party Themed

Bachelor Party Themed

Like the bachelorette-themed shirts, there are also coordinating shirts for the groomsman. Again the groom wears the “black card” shirt with a question or fill-in-the-blank. The groomsmen all wear the “white card” shirts with witty answers.

You can find these types of shirts on Etsy as well, and some Etsy sellers even let you customize the shirts with the groom’s name on them. Other than that, these shirts are the same as the bachelorette party shirts except with more men-focused responses. These include “kidnapping the groom” and “asking for a girl’s number and getting told ew instead.”

Birthday Party Themed

Birthday Party Themed

If you can get cards Against Humanity-themed shirts for wedding parties, why wouldn’t you be able to for birthday parties as well? The nice thing about birthday party-themed shirts is you could wear them every year instead of only for one night. These shirts are the same as the bachelorette-themed shirts, except saying “birthday” instead of “bachelorette party.”

These are also only found on Etsy. The birthday girl, or guy, wears the “black card” shirt that says, “This birthday party was brought to you by _____.” Your friends wear the “white card” shirts that say things like “Blacking out by 2 pm” and “Real hot girl shit.”

Cats Against Humanity

Cats Against Humanity

If you love cats and Cards Against Humanity puns, this shirt is for you. Everyone knows that cats aren’t always the friendliest house pets out there. So much so that jokes of cats secretly conspiring against Humanity are pretty standard.

“Cats Against Humanity” shirt is available on Redbubble. A company that makes and sells shirts that people from all over have designed. This shirt features cats walking around a pentagram, giving this phrase the extra oomph that it needs.

Carbs Against Humanity

Carbs Against Humanity

Another pun that many people can resonate with is “Carbs Against Humanity.” Many people out there believe that carbs are the root of many problems.

You can either wear this while you’re on a carb-free diet or make fun of carb-free diets. Either way, it’s a pretty funny pun since everyone hates zero-carb diets one way or another.

This shirt is available on Spreadshirt, another company that makes and sells shirts that users have designed. It has a more basic design with only the print, similar to the Cards Against Humanity game title. You can get this one in a large variety of colors.



If you have watched Arrested Development, I’m sure you know this card well. The card is one of those that makes everyone exclaim “Bees?!” when it is played. Even if you don’t see the reference, it is still a fun card with its lingering question mark.

You can find this shirt on Redbubble, and there are quite a few variations of the shirt. Everything is from the simple look of the original white card to a picture of a bee with a text bubble that says “bees?” inside of it. This shirt is sure to make everyone look at you with “bee”-wilderment.

This is the Prime of My Life

This is the Prime of My Life

Sometimes Cards Against Humanity knows how to speak the truth. This combo of cards is one of them with a black card that says, “This is the prime of my life. I’m young, hot, and full of ____.” and a white card saying “Cripling debt.” If this shirt doesn’t speak to nearly everyone in their 20’s, I don’t know what does.

This shirt is another find on Redbubble. Both the black and white card are on one shirt. The black card portion is the top half, and the shirt is cut in half with a white bottom that has the white card portion.

My Life is Ruled by…

My Life is Ruled by...

If you feel like your life is just as crazy as Cards Against Humanity is itself, this shirt is for you. It features a double blank card saying, “My life is ruled by a vicious cycle of ____ and ____.” The accompanying white cards say “Demonic possessions” and “Daddy issues.”

You can find this shirt on Teepublic, another company that produces and ships out shirts for individual designers. It features photos of the actual cards with the black card on top and the white cards slightly overlapped underneath the black card. This design will make anyone realize it is a Cards Against Humanity shirt.

What Am I Giving Up For Lent?

What Am I Giving Up For Lent?

For all the Catholics out there, this may be the perfect shirt for you. This black card shirt features the question “What am I giving up for lent?” with an ” Emotions ” written response. We all know it’s just a joke, but it may be a little bit of wishful thinking.

Redbubble is the place to find the wackiest Cards Against Humanity shirt because this is another one you will find there. The shirt is all black and comes in women’s and men’s sizes. It also features a signature on the bottom that says “Cards Against Humanity,” just in case anyone thinks you’re serious.

My Family Went On Holiday…

My Family Went On Holiday...

We all know the famous souvenir phrase “My family went on holiday, and all I got was ____.” This shirt takes that phrase and puts the Cards Against Humanity spin on it. The fill in the blank card says, “This pathetic fucking shirt.”

Obviously, your family wouldn’t go on vacation and come back with this as a souvenir. It is purely a great gag gift that you can find on Teepublic. It features a photo of the black card with the white card slightly overlapping it to the right.

I Got 99 Problems, But…

I Got 99 Problems, But...

One of the most common phrases out there is “I got 99 problems, but ____ ain’t one.” Of course, Cards Against Humanity had to turn this phrase into a fill in a blank card. This shirt has the blank filled in with “being fat and stupid”.

This shirt is a Redbubble shirt with the black card filling the whole shirt, and the answer is written into the blank. It features the Cards Against Humanity logo at the bottom of the shirt. It is also a unisex shirt, fitting both women and men.

I drink to forget…

I drink to forget...

There’s one last shirt on this list with one of the most famous card combinations in Cards Against Humanity. This shirt has a black card that says,” I drink to forget ____.” The white card says “Alcoholism.” One of the most counterintuitive combinations that makes complete sense somehow.

The design of this shirt is also more appealing than a lot of the other Cards Against Humanity shirts. It is divided in half, with the top half being black with the black card phrase, and the bottom half being white with the white card phrase. You can find it on Redbubble.


Question: Does Cards Against Humanity Sell Shirts?

Answer: The company Cards Against Humanity does not sell shirts. Individual designers and sellers make shirts out there, and they can be themed for parties, a pun, or have the actual cards on them.

Question: Where Can You Get Cards Against Humanity T-Shirts?

Answer: You can get Cards Against Humanity shirts from Esty, Redbubble, Teepublic, and Spreadshirt. These are all shirts made or designed by individual sellers, and you could also have a custom shirt made on Customink and Zazzle.

Question: Can You Customize a Cards Against Humanity Shirt?

Answer: Yes, you can make your own Cards Against Humanity shirt or shirts. Websites like Customink and Zazzle make custom shirts with your design. You need to make the design or send the text you want on your shirt.

Question: Are there Wedding Party Cards Against Humanity Shirts?

Answer: There are Cards Against Humanity bachelorette and bachelor party-themed shirts. You can find them on Etsy, made by individual sellers. They have the bride’s or groom’s shirt with the “black card” on it, and the “white cards” are on the wedding party’s shirts.

Overall Best Cards Against Humanity Shirt

The overall best shirt is pretty much up to you and what you like, but I think that party-themed shirts are the most fun way to wear Cards Against Humanity shirts. It’s closer to the game with the shirts having multiple answer cards giving everyone a little fun game when you wear them.

Another fun option that will give you whatever shirt you think is the best is making your own. There are endless possibilities when making your shirt. You could print your favorite card combination on a shirt, create couple-themed shirts, or create group shirts.

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