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Terraforming Mars Guide: Fighting for Spaces in Space

The year is 2315. Earth is overpopulated, and resources are dwindling. Oh no! On the plus side, global peace and unity have been achieved. The World Government has started funding the terraforming of Mars, attracting corporations to compete to expand their businesses to be the most influential on the soon-to-be habitable planet. Terraforming Mars has been …

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Best RPG Board Games

RPG board games are a weird topic since they are commonly put under the bracket of Tabletop Roleplaying Games. It is correct that since this board game is roleplaying in nature and is played on a tabletop, but rather than focusing on roleplaying, there are usually more mechanics involved and more things to do than …

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Disney Monopoly Guide

Attention, all dreamers! The magical world of Disney has made its way to Monopoly, a board game that brings some of its most iconic characters to one of the world’s most popular family games. Monopoly: The Disney Edition will take players across magical lands, buying some of Disney’s most memorable and beloved films. It combines …

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