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Arkham Horror Guide

Arkham Horror is a fun game for people interested in the world of H.P. Lovecraft. It has been remade and re-released multiple times now and has three editions. It is part of the Arkham Files series of games that all revolve around eldritch horrors and trying to keep your sanity in this otherworldly place.  I …

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Fungi Card Game Guide

Have you ever dreamed of trading mushrooms for sticks? No? Neither has anyone else. But if that concept mashed into a card game sounds appealing, Fungi is for you. It’s a bit like a thematic, more complicated version of Rummy’s traditional card game. There are more steps, and the rounds take longer, but the concept …

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Dominon Board Game Guide

Everyone has that game that turned them into a tabletop gamer. For some it’s CATAN, for others it’s Magic the Gathering. For me, it was Dominion. After playing this game for many years, I’m excited to tell you everything you need to know about Dominion. Dominion: a Quick Overview No. of players: 2-4Designer: Donald X. VaccarinoApprox. …

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