Ben Kitchen

Ben has been around the block when it comes to producing digital content, with tonnes of experience writing within the automotive industry. However, Ben eventually decided to switch things up and write about his true passions, Star Wars, and Board Games. Ben loves all things related to the force, and if he can marry his love of tabletop RPGs with some lightsaber action, all the better!

Terraforming Mars Guide: Fighting for Spaces in Space

The year is 2315. Earth is overpopulated, and resources are dwindling. Oh no! On the plus side, global peace and unity have been achieved. The World Government has started funding the terraforming of Mars, attracting corporations to compete to expand their businesses to be the most influential on the soon-to-be habitable planet. Terraforming Mars has been …

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Here to Slay Game Guide

Here to Slay is a perfect juxtaposition, a combination of drop-dead adorableness and endearing slaughter. It’s a game of teamwork and betrayal all mixed in together. Yet, unlike some other popular board games (*cough* Monopoly *cough*), I’ve found that it doesn’t cause families to scream and rage at each other, nor does it destroy lifelong …

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Exit Board Game Guide

Do you enjoy a good escape room but don’t necessarily want to go through the exhaustion of traveling hours to the only one you haven’t already solved? Exit: The Game (to give it its full name) is a card game that might resolve your problem-solving and puzzling cravings. The best thing about Exit escape room games is that they’re …

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