Emily Rowe

Emily is an experienced writer who has worked for various online entities and covered a variety of niches. However, her one true passion is tabletop board games and DnD. She writes her own campaigns and RPG systems as well as running and playing in several different games, but will also dabble in the more casual card/board games out there too.

Best Campaign Board Games

How does injecting your run-of-the-mill board game with adventure, decision making, storytelling, and plot twists sound? Amazing, right? This is what campaign board games are offering to board gamers today. Rather than playing a single game and ending it there, campaign board games offer the chance to play the same game over multiple sessions, each …

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Dominon Board Game Guide

Everyone has that game that turned them into a tabletop gamer. For some it’s CATAN, for others it’s Magic the Gathering. For me, it was Dominion. After playing this game for many years, I’m excited to tell you everything you need to know about Dominion. Dominion: a Quick Overview No. of players: 2-4Designer: Donald X. VaccarinoApprox. …

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Our Interview With The Last Gameboard CEO – Shail Mehta

Shail Mehta is the CEO of co-founder of The Last Gameboard, a tech startup that’s digitizing and democratizing board games with Gameboard, an immersive gaming tablet. It’s been a long two years for The Last Gameboard since their Kickstarter launched in December 2019. Everything was running smoothly until 2020 happened and the world, including their …

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