Mario Monopoly Guide

Super Mario fans rejoice! Get ready to explore the Mushroom Kingdom in search of your princess in a way like never before with the Super Mario Celebration Monopoly! No longer will someone tell you that your princess is in another castle because now you will get to own the castle!

Usually, when I think of Monopoly, I think of buying properties and paying taxes. I never thought I’d find myself enjoying two concepts with the likes of Bowser and Mario. But Super Mario Celebration Monopoly manages to introduce the core of Monopoly into the Super Mario world while making it a unique experience that will have you and your friends laughing and yelling at each other.

The iconic Question Block has been brought to life with sound effects that can either help you or have you wishing you had never landed there in the first place. Players will need to buy, sell, and trade their way through some of the most iconic locations from the Super Mario World.

Instead of hotels, you’ll be making your way into owning your very own Princess Peach Castle. All while your friends try to buy up everything before you.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a new fan of Super Mario or a player that has been following the Italian plumber, even Super Mario World 64; there is a little bit of everything here for all Super Mario fans.

And if you are not a Super Mario fan, this Monopoly game might just be a great place to start. It’ll help you learn about the different characters and locations that Mario has had to venture through in his quest to save the princess and get back home in time to share a slice of pizza with Luigi.

In this Super Mario Celebration Monopoly guide, I will provide you with all the necessary tools to become the most outstanding and sought-after plumber the Mushroom Kingdom has ever seen. Here we go!

Super Mario Celebration Monopoly: an Overview

  • Players: 2-6
  • Recommended Age: 8+
  • Average Play Time: 90 minutes

Super Mario Celebration Monopoly was first released in 2020 in a collaboration between Hasbro Gaming and Nintendo. It is sold on the official Monopoly website and many online retailers where board games are sold.

Super Mario Celebration Monopoly collects many iconic locations from various Super Mario Games and puts them all in one place for Mario fans to enjoy. It’s almost like an ode to the community because it allows us to dive into this Monopoly board game and revisit locations we may have forgotten about.

I sometimes enjoy simply looking at the board and seeing all the different characters, locations, and themes that I have come to enjoy while adventuring with Mario.

The game board itself retains the iconic Monopoly look. There are varying levels of locations, but instead of cities, there are places that Mario has visited throughout the Super Mario games from 1975 to 2017.

Question Block cards replace Chance cards, and instead of taxes, you pay Pirahnna Plant.  Toad Houses and Princess Peach Castles have replaced the iconic hotels and houses. And instead of money, you will be playing with Super Mario coins! In my opinion, this board does a fantastic job of merging the worlds of Super Mario and Monopoly.

It’s enjoyable to look at, and it is interesting to see how different parts of Super Mario factor into a Monopoly game board.

The Aim of the Game

Monopoly aims to bankrupt the other players and be the last one standing on the board. Super Mario Celebration Monopoly is no different. Players must seek out properties and gather enough resources to take away the money from their fellow players.

The most significant difference to this is that players will now be playing with coins instead of money. Playing with such low counts can be exciting and requires players to pay close attention to everyone’s coins at all times. Each category of locations also only has two properties. This means players can begin to build Princess Peach Castles very early on, leading to some quick games.

How to Play

Playing Super Mario Celebration Monopoly is similar to the original Monopoly, but with a few notable changes that players need to keep in mind:

  • The design of the board has been changed to reflect different iconic locations seen throughout the Super Mario video games
  • There are 6 collectible metal tokens: Star, Flower, Toadstool, Koopa Shell, Yoshi Egg, and Super Leaf.
  • There is only one die included in the game, limiting player movement to a maximum of 6 spaces.
  • Houses and hotels are replaced by Toad House and Princess Peach’s Castle.
  • There are no Railway Stations.
  • Magikoopa and Bowser Jr replace the Electric Company and Water Works.
  • Chain Chomp and Pirhanna Plant replace Income Tax and Luxury Tax spaces.
  • the Question Block replaces Chance.
  • Question Block plays a sound that has four possible outcomes: Coin Ping means you collect one coin for each ping you hear, Power-Up Ping means you roll the die and move again, Bowser’s Laugh means you pay the Bank 5 coins, and the Game Over tune means you pay the Bank 10 coins.
  • Coins replace money


Here is everything you need to do to set up for a game of Super Mario Celebration Monopoly:

  1. Choose a player to be the Baker! The Banker will be in charge of The Bank’s money, Toad Houses, Peach’s Castles, Title Deed cards, and Auctions.
  2. The Banker gives each player five regular coins and five “5” coins for a total of 30 Coins.
  3. Each player gets one Question Block Reminder Card.
  4. Place the Question Block on the board in its designated spot. Make sure it has a battery.
  5. Shuffle the Community Chest cards and place them on the board in the designated spot.
  6. Each player should choose a Token and place it on Go!.
  7. Have the die ready near the board.

And you are now ready to start your Super Mario Celebration Monopoly game!

Starting the Game

Each player rolls the die once! The player that rolls the highest number will be the first player to move. The player to the left of them will go next, and so on.

Taking a Turn

Here are the actions that you should take when it is your turn:

  1. Roll the die.
  2. Move your designated Token clockwise to the number that you rolled.
  3. Carry out the rules of the space that you landed in.
  4. If you happen to pass Go! then collect 2 Coins.
  5. End your turn and pass the die to the player on your left.

Where You Could Land

These are the different kinds of spaces that you can land in a while playing Super Mario Celebration Monopoly and how to carry out their respective rules.


Properties are your avenue to winning the game. Without properties, you will not last long and become bankrupt. Your main objective in Super Mario Celebration Monopoly is to be able to purchase properties and begin to build on them. This will cause other players to pay you rent whenever they land on your property. Here we’ll list more about each type of property space.

Unowned Properties

Unowned properties in Super Mario Celebration Monopoly may seem plentiful at first but will soon start to disappear off the board. This is because whenever a player lands on an unknown location or utility, they will need to either buy it or auction it off to other players.

If you want to buy it, then you will need to pay the price that is shown on the board. Do this, and you will receive a Title Deed card from the Bank.

If you don’t want to buy it, then the Banker will need to auction it off. Bidding will start with 1 coin, and each player can increase the bid by as little as one coin during the duration of the Auction. When no player is willing to increase the bid, the Banker can end the Auction and deliver the Title Deed to the winning player.

If no one wants to buy or bid on the property, then the Title Deed stays with the Bank, and no one pays anything.

There are a total of 8 different color sets in this iteration of Monopoly. When players complete a set, they will be able to purchase Toad Houses and even a Princess Peach’s Castle for properties on the complete set.

Owned Properties

If you land on a property that is already owned by another player, then you will need to pay rent on their property. But if that player is distracted and does not ask for rent by the time the next player rolls the die, then you do not have to pay.

The more Toad Houses the property has, the more you will need to pay. And if they have a Princess Peach Castle, then you might not have many Coins left!


If you land on a Location, simply pay what is stated on the location’s Title Deed card. Keep in mind the number of Toad Houses on it.


If you land on a Utility owned by a player, then roll the die to determine the number of Coins you will need to pay. If they own both Utilities, then you will need to pay double the amount shown on the die.

Action Space

These spaces will require players to perform special actions.


When you pass or land on the Go! Space, the Bank will need to pay 2 Coins.

Community Chest

When you land on a Community Chest space, you will need to take the top card from the deck on the board. Read the card aloud so that the other players know what the outcome is and immediately resolve whatever rule the card imposes on you.

Return it to the bottom of the Community Chest space when you have resolved the rule unless the card tells you to keep it in your hand until you have used it. Once you use it, then you can place it at the bottom of the Community Chest space.

Chain Chomp and Piranha Plant

Pay the Bank the number of Coins shown on the board space, which is 2 Coins.

Question Block

If you land on the Question Block, you will need to press the button on the actual Question Block and listen to the sound. There are four different sounds that can play.

  • Coin Ping: For each ping, you hear collect 1 Coin from The Bank.
  • Power-up Ping: Roll the die and move again. Resolve the rules of the space you land on as normal.
  • Bowser’s Laugh: Unlucky! Pay the Bank 5 Coins.
  • Game Over Tune: Incredibly unlucky! Pay the Bank 10 coins.

Free Parking

Basically a free space! Just breathe. You’re safe for now.

Just Visiting

Another free space! Place your Token in the Just Visiting Section, and if there are any player’s in Jail, you can say hello as you pass by.

Go to Jail

You’ve been caught by the Mushroom Kingdom law enforcement! Move your Token to the In Jail space immediately, and do not collect 2 Coins if you passed Go!. Your turn has ended.

While in Jail, you can still collect rent, bid during auctions, buy more Toad Houses and Peach’s Castles, mortgage, and even trade with other players.

But you can not move on your turn. But thankfully, there is a way to get out of Jail! Here’s how:

  • Pay 5 Coins at the start of your next turn.
  • Use a Get Out of Jail Free Card during your next turn.
  • Roll a 6 on your next turn. You can use up to 3 rolls to try for a 6. If you don’t get a 6 on any of your 3 rolls, then you can still pay 5 Coins to get out of Jail and roll to move like normal.

Actions You Can Take

Collect Rent

You can collect rent from any player who lands on any of your unmortgaged properties.


If you land on an unowned property and do not want to purchase it, then you can hand the Title Deed over to the Bank to auction. Bidding starts at 1 Coin, and the highest bidder will take the Title Deed.

If no players want to bid, then the Title Deed stays with the Bank.


Once you obtain a full-color set, you can start buying Toad Houses without waiting for your turn. Pay the Bank the cost stated on the Title Deed card, and then you can place a Toad House token on the location.

When building Toad Houses, you must do so evenly. You can only build a second Toad House once all the properties of the color set have at least one Toad House. You can only purchase 4 Toad Houses per location.

Once you have 2 Toad Houses on every location in a set, you will be able to upgrade the location to a Princess Peach’s Castle.

To do this, pay the amount shown on the Title Deed card and place a Princess Peach’s Castle token on that location.

You can only have one Princess Peach’s Castle per location. You can not build a Princess Peach’s Castle if any location on that color set is mortgaged.

If the Bank runs out of Toad Houses or Princess Peach’s Castle, then no players will be able to purchase any more until the property is either sold or mortgaged. If multiple players want the last Toad House or Princess Peach’s Castle, then the Bank will be able to auction it.


You can buy, sell, or swap properties with any other player at any point during the game. When selling a building, you will need to sell all the buildings on a color set to the Bank before you can sell to trade your location. You cannot sell or trade your buildings to any other player.

Players will be able to trade their properties for either coins, another property, or a Get Out of Jail Free card. These parameters are decided by the players engaging in the deal.

Mortgaged properties can also be traded. The new owner will still need to repay the mortgage to build houses in that location.

Mortgage Properties

When you mortgage a property, you’ll need to sell all of the buildings on that property. You can only sell them back to the Bank for half the price. If the price is half of anything, then you round up. Then you need to turn your Title Deed card face down and collect the mortgage amount on the back of the card from the Bank.

Players can not collect rent from a mortgaged property. However, this does not affect other properties in the same color set.

Do a Deal

You are able to buy, sell, or trade property with any of the others players at any time. But there are a few requirements you need to be aware of. If you want to sell or trade a location, you will need to sell any buildings on that color set. You can also trade for a variety of things, including coins, properties, or a Get Out of Jail card.

Players can also sell their Mortgaged Property to others. But the new owner will still need to repay the mortgage to get full use of the property.

Winning the Game

To win the game, you need to be the last player left in the game without bankruptcy. Once everyone else goes bankrupt, you are the winner!

Who is Super Mario Celebration Monopoly for?

Super Mario Celebration Monopoly is intended for 2-6 players that are ages 8 and over. Fans of the series will instantly love the inclusion of all these Mario locations and characters, but those not familiar with the Italian Plumber might not be as interested. However, it is still possible for new players to enjoy the different mechanics that Mario Monopoly introduces.

If you’re not too familiar with Mario and would rather play something with locations you recognize, then Classic Monopoly is a guaranteed great time no matter what.

Every Piece Included in Super Mario Celebration Monopoly

The game contains the following pieces:

  • Gameboard
  • 6 Tokens
  • 6 Question Block Reminder cards
  • 18 Title Deed cards
  • 32 Community Chest cards
  • 32 Toad Houses
  • 12 Princess Peach’s Castles
  • 1 Die
  • 90 Cardboard Coins
  • Question Block Sound Unit
  • Game Rules

Alternatives to Super Mario Celebration Mario Monopoly

If you’re a big fan of Mario or video games in general and are looking for other board games to try out, then here are some you might like.

The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition

Tired of losing all your Coins in Super Mario Monopoly? Well, how about just going through life in the Mushroom Kingdom with The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition. You can play as either Mario, Peach, Luigi, or Yoshi as you do your best to ultimately defeat Bowser once again. So it’s an interesting take on the iconic board game where you don’t need to worry about retirement.

  • Players – 2-4
  • Recommended age – 8+
  • Playing time – 60-90 minutes

Super Mario Labyrinth

Who doesn’t like a puzzle? In Super Mario Labyrinth, players will need to shift the maze and find all the Mario characters on their card before the other players do! The best part is that each game only takes about 30 minutes which means if you’re short on time, then this is perfect for one or two games!

  • Players – 2-4
  • Recommended age – 7+
  • Playing time – 20- 30 minutes

Pokemon Monopoly

Have a Nintendo fan in your life that loves Super Mario Monopoly? Is that person you? Well, Pokemon Monopoly takes players to the Kanto region, the very beginning of Pokemon. It’s the first region we were introduced to, and with Pokemon, Monopoly players can adventure through Kanto and collect some of their favorite Pokemon! It’s a must-play for any Pokemon fan!

  • Players – 2-6
  • Recommended age – 8+
  • Playing time – 60- 120 minutes

Find out everything you need to know and more in our complete Pokemon Monopoly Guide.

Animal Crossing Monopoly

Another crossover from one of the most popular Nintendo Switch titles, Animal Crossing Monopoly, brings all our beloved animal friends from the video game and throws them into the tax-paying world of Monopoly. When you think about it, it actually fits together quite nicely.

  • Players – 2-6
  • Recommended age – 8+
  • Playing time – 60- 120 minutes

Find out everything you need to know and more in our complete Animal Crossing Monopoly Guide.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Who is Mario?

Answer: Mario is the mustached hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. An Italian Plumber on weekdays and savior of princesses on the weekends. He is the main playable character in Nintendo’s most iconic franchise, Super Mario Bros. He has fought Bowser countless times to rescue Princess Peach alongside his brother Luigi. The Mushroom Kingdom sees him as a hero and constantly helps him on his journey. He first appeared in the 1981 version of Donkey Kong and later debuted in his own standalone game, which is highly regarded as one of the greatest video games of all time. Since then, he’s had multiple adventures and video games dedicated to him, and each one has been highly regarded.

Question: Are There Other Versions of Mario Monopoly?

Answer: Although there are no other versions of Mario Monopoly, Mario himself does appear in other versions of Monopoly, including Nintendo Monopoly.

Question: Can You Play Super Mario Monopoly Solo?

Answer: There is no way to play Super Mario Celebration Monopoly Solo. You’d essentially be the banker for yourself. But thankfully, there are plenty of other solo board games that you can enjoy out there!

Question: Do You Need To Be A Fan of Mario To Enjoy Super Mario Celebration Monopoly?

Answer: No, absolutely not. Any fan of Monopoly can enjoy the world of Mario and what Super Mario Celebration brings to the series. The Question Block alone is worth trying out!

Super Mario Celebration Monopoly – is it Worth Buying?

Ultimately, Super Mario Celebration Mario Monopoly is a game that is worth playing no matter how involved you are with Mario and his video game legacy. It offers an interesting take on a classic board game and implements mechanics that will make any Monopoly fan smile. Since players play with Coins rather than Monopoly money it can get a little intense. Having 2 Coins is a lot scarier than having 200 Monopoly Dollars.

It can keep you and your friends entertained for hours, and any fan of Mario will find themselves staring at the different characters, locations, and Easter Eggs that are hidden throughout the board game. And even if you aren’t familiar with Mario, the art is detailed and will give you some good insight on what to expect if you ever decide to play Super Mario Bros.

Once again, Super Mario Celebration Monopoly is definitely worth buying. It’s a fun time, and you may find yourself enjoying it more than the classic version!

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